As much as we might like to, sometimes it just doesn't seem safe, practical or hygienic to transport dogs in cars. Drivers might become distracted by a free-roaming pup sticking their head next to the gear stick. Dogs usually find it difficult to stay still over a long car journey, meaning they end up stepping all over people in the back seat. And after a wet and muddy walk, the last thing you want to be doing is cleaning up the dirt that your dog has brought back into the car. That's why accessories for transporting dogs are such a great choice for pet owners who want to take their dogs on adventures with them. By keeping both dog and passenger safe, helping them to stay still and protecting the seats from any mud that they might bring into the car, accessories make the business of transporting dogs more comfortable for both dog and owner. But what are some of the more popular accessories available, and what benefits do they offer? If you particularly enjoy taking your dog out to the countryside for long walks even in the wetter months, then a dog hammock could be the perfect accessory for you. Covering the entire back seat, the best hammocks are waterproof, stain resistant and anti-microbial, meaning that your seats are completely protected against any unwanted muck. What's more, hammocks are easy to put in and remove, so that you can make your backseat ready for human passengers again in an instant. If you're primarily concerned about an excitable dog interfering with those in the front seats, then a back seat barrier offers a practical solution with a minimum of hassle. Slotting in between the driver and passenger seat, these barriers are incredibly versatile and can be fitted to virtually any car. They also often have the option of putting an extra partition between the two backseats, just in case you've got an extra passenger who would prefer a little bit of personal space. With smaller dogs, you might want to invest in a doggy booster seat that allows your pet to ride up front in their own comfortable compartment. The elevation provided by the seat means that the dog will have a good view out the window and won't constantly be jumping up to get a look. More importantly though, booster seats are secure, safe and comfortable, perfect for long trips where you like your dog to be close at hand as you drive. Finally, if you're looking for a portable option, 'travel pods' offer a more comfortable take on the portable dog kennel. Available in a range of sizes, these pods are easy to assemble, wash and secure, and have a padded interior to keep dogs happy. Whatever your preference, the wide variety of pittsburgh truck accessories - on offer mean that there's a solution out there for your travel needs. And with all these accessories offering such levels of extra comfort, your dog is sure to be happy as well!
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