The Triangular Tower


  • The Tower was preserved in the basement of a residential building at the intersection of Exarch Yosif Street and Knyaginya Maria Louisa Blvd.
  • It has the form of an isosceles triangle pointing with its sharp point to the north
  • It forms part of the fortification system of Serdica
  • In its current state, the Tower has a stone block plinth and full-brick structure above  
  • Its construction dates from the time of Emperor Justinian (527 -  565)
  • The two side exits (posterns) used  to ensure immediate exit by the tower defenders


Archaeological investigation

It was carried out during the construction of the building situated at the northeast corner of the intersection between Exarch Yosif Street and Knyaginya Maria Louisa Blvd. in 1958-1959.

Main activities under the project

Preparation and implementation of a project for exposure and socialization of the Tower; new areas and spaces will be created for cultural functions (exhibitions, conferences, concerts, etc). 

Construction, repair and restoration works on the Tower: elimination of old interventions, chemical and mechanical cleaning of the substrate, re-integration of the stone and brick masonry, filling of joints, colour integration (retouch) and consolidation, hydrophobic insulation.