On a daily basis, Dental CEOs struggle with finding capable staff, even in this market of high unemployment. There are lots of workers available, but capable, high-quality staff is harder to come by. Has this ever happened to you? One of your top staff members has been with you for years and served as your "right hand" unexpectedly comes into your office and announces he/she is leaving in 2 weeks. They tell you their decision is irrevocable. Initial thoughts: • How could this happen? • Is it me? What am I going to do now? • How will I take care of all those scheduled patients? • Where will I find a replacement on such short notice? Not only that, where will I find the "right" person that will be a perfect fit for my practice? If this happens to you as a Dental CEO, take a deep breath and consider my strategic 7-point plan to hiring fast. 1. Pull out and review your dental practice's Core Values and Vision. These two documents, above others, will provide the clear direction needed. 2. Schedule an exit interview. This is not just about COBRA and getting back the office keys. Ask for explicit feedback on your leadership skills. Discover your blind spots and avoid this type of surprise in the future by identifying opportunities for your own growth and improvement. 3. Do a Google search for temporary dental staffing and make arrangements to cover your needs for as long as necessary until you find a capable, high-quality staff member. Do not rush this! 4. Work with your dental coach to develop your "ideal hire profile." This is a clearly outlined list of all the qualities and attributes you want. Think about who will fit in best with your current team to avoid any disruption there. Actually take a moment to imagine what this person sounds like, acts like, etc. Even if it feels silly at first, 植牙 - http://www.superbowl.com.tw/ you are working on a critical step! 5. Arrange a high-level staff meeting with your team to apprise every one of your game plan, the timelines and to share with them your "ideal profile." Enlist their support and ask the team to share in the responsibility to find and train their new teammate. 6. Don't remain a secret! Make an announcement on your Facebook page that you are "looking for the perfect [fill in the blank]" Offer a $200 referral bonus or grocery store gift card to anyone who has a direct hand in finding your new ideal employee. 7. Create an employment plan in advance. Develop minimum levels of performance over specific timelines with clear, written expectations. When each benchmark is achieved, give the new team member a reward and advance them to the new level in the position. Occasionally, this is accompanied by a small raise. By following the 7 strategic steps above, you will be able to find and hire your new staff member, in less time, with less stress. My final tip: If you get stuck, ask the following questions of yourself: What is my desired outcome? What is my plan of action and timeline? If I run into obstacles, what will I do? Who can I call on to help me? How will I know if I am successful and how will I measure my success?