If you've been planning a trip to Latin America, small group tours can give you the perfect mix between supported and planned travel and an intimate setting to help you really relate to the culture and people of the countries you'll be visiting. With small group tours you will get a guide who knows the areas you'll be visiting really well. You also get the added benefit of going to places where large tour buses rarely go, which means that you can truly enjoy your surroundings without hundreds of tourists around. A large tour caters to the masses, providing visits to all the famous spots, but is often unable to go into the places where the more relevant (to your own interests) points of interest are. You may have a fascination with music, or food, or wildlife, and if you are travelling with less numbers your group has increased flexibility to adapt and create a plan of travel that meets your express needs. In fact you may be able to be matched with other people with the same interests as you before you even leave, as a company dedicated to these areas can custom blend you, the people you are travelling with and your plans into a seamless trip that gives you real opportunity to get what you really want out of your travels. This can also include placing you and any of your travelling companions with other people close to your age. Some places which a small group tour might take you to in Latin America are: Central: Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala - explore the vibrant Mexico city, rich foods in Cuba and the temples in Guatemala The Andes: If you are fit and in for a bit of adventure, you can cycle the Andes enjoying wine tasting, markets and villages, colonial towns and more. Rio de Janeiro: See the Christ the Redeemer statue and people watch on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches Santiago: at the foot of the Andes mountains where you can visit the wine growing Maipo valley region and hike in the Maipo Canyon The best thing is the all consuming and exhausting part of the trip is done for you - the planning. Even if you like browsing the internet and travel guides to get a feel for a place, if you've travelled before you'll know there is nothing like seeing a place first hand to really gauge what it's like. This is especially true for accommodation and food - and if these two things go wrong you can quickly start to feel more than a little grumpy. Latin America small Ethiopia group tour company ( information from ethiopiagrouptravel.com - https://ethiopiagrouptravel.com/ ) tours need to be created from a range of places that are tried and tested, with everything from comfortable bedding to the safety of the place taken into account. Finding safe transport is also important, and professionals are employed by the company on a bus that's safe. You will also have a fluent Spanish speaker there with you to help you with any transactions and issues. If you know you want to explore Latin America, small group tours can give you the sense of independent travel without any of the stresses and unexpected outcomes that type of travel can deliver. It's intimate yet sociable and it' a great way to travel.